Yes, You CAMS ! New Ways to Instantly Improve Your Daily Business !

Are you a pacesetter ? To become one, combine today social, mobile and cloud technologies far more than others and be…

PIXELXIR & IBM present their vision of ‘The Future of Business’ at Paperjam 10×6 Event

In 1964, Isaac Asimov, the American visionary and famous science fiction author, delivered his vision of the world in 2014….

The New Way to Work, IBM Verse

Verse uses powerful analytics to prioritize the people and events you need to focus on—so you can streamline your day…

PIXELIXIR honored with a “2014 Outstanding Commerce Award by IBM”

Last week during the “IBM Night of the Stars”, PIXELIXIR has been honored with a 2014 Outstanding Commerce Award by IBM** in recognition of…


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