Today’s enterprises are faced with the ever increasing challenge and demand of improving business process efficiency and employee productivity. In a world where collaboration is crucial, it is becoming apparent that working in ‘silos’ is an old-fashion process.

The answer to this challenge is collaborative environment and portals. So, today’s knowledge worker may have an array of collaboration tools, and multiple locations, to create and store knowledge; by allowing employees and business units to work together, your organization will see increased efficiency, improved workflow, and reduced costs.


New ways to engage with others.

Increase productivity, capture knowledge and drive efficiency with …

Collaboration Tools

Allow your team to always be connected to the people, information and application features they need, all the time, from anywhere.   ►

Collaboration Tools

Allow your employees and partners to connect, collaborate and share information vital to the attainment of successful business outcomes.   ►

Project Management

Provide your company with a hub to communicate, collaborate, build knowledge, handles the many aspects of daily tasks and generate new ideas.   ►

Group Calendar

This group calendar is the solution for you, bringing a full transparency into your organisation, giving you time for your business instead.   ►

Why opt for PIXELIXIR ?

Collaborative solutions specialists for evolutive businesses.

At PIXELIXIR, we collaborate with our clients, bringing together business insight, significant experience and world-class technologies to provide a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through our integrated methodology to problem solving, solution design and execution we help turn our clients strategies into action. With over 17 years of experience our mission is to help our customers to anticipate change and profit from new collaboration solutions.

We’re experts in world-class collaboration solutions, giving you the right guidance at each steps of the project to develop a unified and consistent approach to collaborative work. We help you learn about the possibilities, determine the potential solutions, compare your best options, obtain and benefit from the right solution. It’s our goal to ensure that your enterprise get the best out of your investment – workplace productivity is maximised, knowledge is captured, and risk is minimised.

PIXELIXIR is a specialist in the design, implementation and support of collaboration solutions: – groupware and project management tools, calendaring, instant messaging, document management, intranet and extranet.


Project Management


Instant Messaging

Document Management

Intranet & Extranet

“We help you successfully navigate the collaboration universe to outperform.”L. D., Managing Partner / PIXELIXIR

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