For 20 years, PIXELIXIR delivers collaborative solutions to various customers. Benefit from our experience!


A wide range of software packages and a strong experience in custom application development are our weapons to address exactly your needs.

Our areas of expertise are

  • enterprise social network: streamline communication among co-workers, find the right expertize, promote collaborative work and manage the knowledge of your staff.
  • enterprise portal and portal applications: integrate your processes, aggregate your information and manage their accesses.
  • business process automation: gain time and money using workflow management applications that automate your critical business processes.
  • Access Everywhere Anytime: this program enables real-time and multi channel communications between your co-workers, and high availability accesses to your company business applications from everywhere, anytime.
  • specific collaborative solutions: these packaged software solutions cover specific aspects of the collaboration within or with your company. Foster your business using our document management, CRM, associative extranets, competencies mapping, and other experienced-built modules.