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Issue The corporation needed to automate maintenance follow-ups for its clients, giving them a better overview on the action process….

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Enterprise portals help you to drive your business efficiency and to engage users and customers.

PIXELIXIR supports a wide range of portal solutions. IBM Websphere Portal, open source solutions or PIX-PORTAL, our in-house flexible and adaptive solution. Fully integrated with your technical environment, they include:

  • tools for sharing, publishing, controlling and creating content;
  • searching, sorting, referencing any type of information;
  • personalisation, security and distribution tools;
  • portal applications development, deployment and support.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT landscape
  • Improve employee, partner, and customer access to information, promoting better decision making
  • More business agility by removing reliance on IT
  • Create and deploy mashups and composite applications to create meaningful and engaging experiences
  • Extend access by enabling mobile Web site and application delivery
  • Improve access to enterprise content and collaboration