Today, there is the expectation of consistent excellence. An anticipation of delight. Users - both individual consumers and business users - simply assume that their online experiences will be rich, engaging, personal and available from wherever they choose. They want an experience that delivers greater value and becomes a seamless extension of their lives.


What is IBM Digital Experience?

feature-image_digital-experience-q42016Drive business growth using uniquely designed IBM Digital Experience solutions to:

  • Empower line-of-business professionals with the tools needed to respond more quickly to evolving audience expectations.
  • Deliver tailored experiences to customers with compelling and targeted rich media content to increase their propensity to buy.
  • Engage employees with personalized and collaborative digital experiences to increase productivity.




IBM Digital Experience capabilities


Deliver consistent and attractive experiences, across all devices.

multidevice_withscrcaps_310x200Your customers and employees are looking to engage seamlessly through multiple touch points while jumping from device to device in the stream of a single conversation or transaction.

These expectations require critical components working together to provide these personalized multi-channel experiences.

With IBM Digital Experience software, customers can build, manage and run exceptional multi-channel experiences for customers and employees. More




Gain insights to build more relevant customer relationships.

Now you can manage content, analytics and marketing execution from a comprehensive solution to enhance customer engagement. IBM Digital Experience solutions help you create an engaging experience that will attract and interact with customers in a personalized way by analyzing their current needs, past interactions and future interests.

IBM Digital Experience software provides a comprehensive solution to empower marketers to create compelling experiences by combining out-of-the box integration between enterprise portal, social, web analytics and marketing execution solutions with personalized, targeted experiences to increase engagement. More



Engage customers with richer, adaptable content.

Considering consumers requests, IT departments and marketeers expectations, compelling digital experiences require integrated rich media.

IBM offers asset management solutions that can seamlessly fit into your existing infrastructure and automate the rich media workflow, from collaborating with your creative agency and designers to automating the distribution of those assets to your required channels. More




Enrich interactions and cultivate valuable social networks.

Today’s online business world is a social business world, where everyone is connected. Through social digital experiences, social businesses can provide access to incredible expertise and knowledge, allowing them to respond faster and more cost effectively to user's requests. This often results in improved customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. IBM's core infrastructure enables social capabilities to be infused into any digital experience—so people can seamlessly interact with each other in a way that is meaningful. IBM’s Digital Experience software portfolio, built on open standards, provides incredible flexibility, allowing organizations to optimize the user experience and functionality to deliver THE exceptional digital experience. More



Save on time-to-market using a flexible infrastructure and fully managed services.

Now you have more flexibility in how to deploy your website creation and management solutions.

With IBM Digital Experience on Cloud, you can provide a hosted, fully managed, powerful yet simple digital experience platform with innovative differentiators that deliver accelerated time to market.

Companies can build and deliver compelling, socially aware, omnichannel digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees on the devices of their choice – more quickly and with lower costs. More



Easily automate forms-based business processes to improve efficiency.

Do you want to empower your business users to create compelling, multi-channel, interactive applications? Do you need a way to automate forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service and time to value? Then look no further!

IBM Forms Experience Builder puts the power in the hands of your line –of-business users. It enables them to easily create data collection applications which can be used stand-alone or as part of your customer and employee websites allowing you to introduce new offers, surveys and programs at will. More



Core Products

IBM WebSphere Portal
Build scalable personalized experiences that integrate workflows, content management, and social and mobile web delivery.

IBM Forms
Collect data and automate processes with agile web applications as well as classic document-based forms applications.

IBM Connections
Use this social network platform to help improve knowledge sharing, decision making and innovation.

IBM Web Content Manager
Accelerate digital content development and deployment through all of your digital channels.