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Customers today have more places and ways to shop than ever before. Not only are they comfortable with researching products and making purchase decisions online, but they also expect retailers to provide a seamless brand experience across all channels.

On average, it only takes customers a few seconds to determine whether they want to stay on your website or leave for a competitor. Knowing exactly what your customers want when they visit your website can help you avoid lost revenue and grow conversions.

So what are the key questions facing ecommerce retailers in understanding their consumers, and how address them?

Question-Mark I know that customers visit my website more than once. How do I know if it’s the same visitor coming back to my site?

Plan de travail 170Answer : Retailers not only need to know their target audience, but also know that audience as individuals and understand their specific journey. Think of customers who visit your website once, view one of your products, and then leave again. How do you know if they’ll ever return? How can you make the most of their interest in your product if they do return?

The answer lies in a streamlined analytics solution that uses tracking cookies to capture all anonymous behavior across devices and allows you to identify one single identity. You can then use this information to retarget consumers who haven’t made a purchase yet or cross-sell with complementary products to those who have.



I know that website visitors are abandoning the cart, but how much money are they leaving on the table when they don’t convert?

Plan de travail 150Answer : Abandoned shopping carts pose big problems for retailers unaware of issues with their checkout process. The ability to dig deeper to see the actions that customers took in each channel with a step-by-step breakdown of customer behavior and zoom in to see where customers struggled can prevent lost revenue, especially during peak shopping periods. It also allows retailers to understand the business impact of each issue, so that they can resolve high-value items before they develop into even bigger problems.



I’ve identified a group of customers who abandoned the cart, and I want to re-engage them. How can I determine which message is best to use with each customer?

Plan de travail 160Answer : Different customers demand different strategies. The importance of engaging with your customers in a way they’ll remember can’t be overemphasized. Personalization is giving customers exactly what they want before they know they want it. However, more than half of retailers still struggle to recognize and engage with their best customers.

Mind-set analysis allows you to understand your customers based on their actions and journeys and pinpoint which touchpoints and events had an impact. As a result, you can design a campaign that will successfully target a particular segment. You can create a highly targeted customer journey and suggest complementary products based on actual browsing activity. A personalized journey and customized message shows your customers that you understand them and care about their needs.



What channels are driving my conversions and how can I best engage them?

Plan de travail 180Answer : Shopping today is now a multichannel event. We know that many customers use their phones and tablets to research products, sometimes opting for cheaper-priced items online while they are still browsing in an offline store. The ability to see what channels your customers are using to make purchases ensures you can provide a highly customized and engaging experience. You can ensure your website is fully optimized for mobile if you find a large majority of your sales are coming from mobile devices or design device-specific offers and discounts to complement your customers’ purchase journey.



I’m running a 30-percent discount offer, but haven’t seen any uplift in conversions. What’s happening?

Plan de travail 190Answer : A common source of frustration for ecommerce retailers is when technical problems occur and customers startrapidly dropping off. Sometimes it can take hours before you discover the root cause of the issue. By this time, your customers will have moved on to another site. The ability to see your customers’ journeys and replay their actions allows you to see what they are doing when they visit your website and detect the point of their struggle early on, thus avoiding lost sales and revenue.



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