Improve the digital experience to turn visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates.

For any online business facing pressure to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve online conversion and customer retention objectives, Customer Experience Management is an essential strategy. Having the ability to visualize your customers’ experience and pinpoint their struggles on your Website or e-Commerce site can mean the difference between delivering better service and possibly losing business forever.

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management solutions provide unprecedented visibility into the online and mobile customer experience. From now, you can see the way your mobile or desktop websites work through the eyes of each, individual customer.  IBM Tealeaf solutions enable your organization to deliver a leading-edge customer experience for his digital channels by providing deep insight into the interactions of individual customers, struggle trends, discovery of sources of friction and quantified business impact.

So, IBM Tealeaf brings insight and concrete answers to several online business challenges for retail site:

  • Understand customer’s current and recent online experiences to provide high touch customer service.
  • Understand why customers abandon by breaking down abandonment into specific customers experience issues.
  • Resolve customer disputes by easily accessing a digital record of the customer’s actual online purchase experience
  • Reduce lost business by immediately detecting alarming trends using KPIs.
  • Identify customers affected by an issue to reclaim potentially lost revenue.
  • Significantly reduce support costs by reproducing problems in minutes.
  • Quantify the business lost because of a problem to prioritize resources.
  • Quickly isolate issues for diagnosis and resolution by IT.
  • Improve customer support call resolution.