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Family hope

Pixelixir was selected as to be the communication partner for the Family Hope project. Pixelixir has developped an innovative global…

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PIXELIXIR helps you make the most out of your website with a responsive design solution for mobile devices use.


As mobile-friendly websites aim to be commonly met nowadays, enterprises need to adapt themselves in the fast-growing Internet environment if they want to stay one step ahead.

PIXELIXIR helps you fit into any mobile-related browser as smartphones and tablets spread out on the market.

As long as you decide to embrace mobility for your website, these are issues you encounter :

  • Several screen resolutions
  • Maintenance of several sites instead of one
  • Multiplied content updates, with multiplied potential errors
  • Version update following new device release
  • Potential waste of referencing as several websites are in cohabitation

Responsive design answers them all with a dynamic page display concept PIXELIXIR can develop on your new or existing website. The latter will react differently according to the mobile device used then.