PIXELIXIR was established in 2000 with offices in Belgium and Luxembourg. Having exclusive alliances with many well-known Hardware/Software vendors to provide best-of-breed integrated IT solutions to the business community, PIXELIXIR empowers organizations to lead within their market sector by removing the burden of optimizing and managing their IT environments, ensuring business continuity and employee productivity. PIXELIXIR delivers Web and Cloud based solutions, Managed IT Services and Application Consulting to more than 350 businesses based in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and The Netherlands.


Our Vision.

Shaping the way we do things.

At PIXELIXIR, we do not merely sell products; we empower our clients by providing solutions. Our philosophy lies in the belief that our customers’ success is the benchmark of our achievement and, as a result, we support each customer’s goals throughout the lifecycle of the delivered solution. We enhance the organizational effectiveness of our customers by providing and maintaining competitive world-class Integrated Information Technology Solutions, making their businesses more successful.

Our innovative approach to technology is reflected in the choice of the world-class innovative business solutions proposed by us. From a (r)evolutionary new business model to a dedicated customer relationship system, PIXELIXIR responds to each customer’s changing business needs. We are committed to delivering comprehensive, end-to-end IT solutions that offer reliability, security, availability and performance.

Our Core Values.

Forged through over 17 years of experience, our core values are as follows:

  • Quality driven service

  • Value-based innovation

  • Client and staff loyalty

  • Constant growth through learning

  • Ethics and integrity

  • Client obsession

  • Open and robust commmunication

  • Positive outlook

Our Culture.

The value of the individual, respect, honesty and efficiency.

Company culture is not always easy to articulate, but ours is a differentiator for us. From celebrating each individual along with company excellence, to empowering each other to succeed, PIXELIXIR’s culture is rooted in our company values. We deeply appreciate long-term trust and respect and the way that we conduct ourselves as an industry-leading IT services company and a certified partner of several world-class partners underscores those beliefs.

Every client and prospective client that reaches out to us is treated with the same level of professionalism and courteousness, no matter the size of their company or their budget. No effort is spared in the quest for total client-company transparency. That’s just how we do business here at the PIXELIXIR.
The truest embodiment of our culture can be found in the words of our crew:

  • We take a great deal of care to develop meaningful, transparent and honest relationships with each of our clients.
    – J.-D. Q., Managing Partner / PIXELIXIR
  • Everyone is empowered to voice his or her opinion. Being proactive can actually make a difference, unlike other firms where the hierarchy is totally closed to feedback and evolution.
    – R. I., Sales Consultant / PIXELIXIR

Our Team.

Our people are truly our competitive advantage.

PIXELIXIR has always been characterized by a high level of competence in its chosen areas. Current competencies arise out of the company’s solid experiences and reside in a multidisciplinary team with strong emphasis in the use of the latest in advanced technologies. With a broad range of capabilities, including consulting, systems integration and professional approaches to the market, our team of certified professionals help organizations thrive in the digital era through the use of a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that enable business transformation, improve business efficiency and enhance IT efficacy. Beyond supporting your day-to-day IT needs, PIXELIXIR’s expert team of experienced consultants in Belgium and Luxembourg can evaluate your operational processes and understand your challenges, making recommendations to address present concerns while keeping an eye on the future. From there we’ll help you upgrade and implement the right solutions, managing projects to completion while keeping you informed.

Our talented team, application of personalized attention and 17 years of documented best practices deliver proven results with regard to workgroup solutions, web or cloud-based services, desktop and server support, CRM/ERP solutions and network security. 

By constantly investing in our team to ensure the highest levels of skills and services, you are assured the services of certified specialists, guaranteeing that your needs will be met and the job will be completed correctly the very first time:

Behind every service that PIXELIXIR delivers, there is a diverse team of highly experienced individuals.B. D., Development Team manager / PIXELIXIR

Our Service Value.

Our focus is on providing a superior customer experience each and every time.

PIXELIXIR has experience of working with a broad range of different companies and we have developed well respected methodologies and solutions with a keen understanding of solutions geared towards business ROI. With this in mind, we help many companies realize the business benefit of a well-designed and implemented IT system. We take a holistic approach by consulting with the customer to understand their business. We then evaluate and recommend the best technology to meet their current and future needs. 

Reduction of

Through the use of proven methodologies, we use a process-driven approach to reduce unnecessary costs and reallocate resources. This drives innovation and leads the necessary changes required to modernize and improve your activities.

project methodology

We have created a systematic approach based on best practices derived from our 17 years of experience in application development, technology frameworks expertise and process digitization.

Efficient and
time-tested operations

We don’t view ourselves as a preferred provider, but rather as an extension of your team. We offer an integrated service that provides quick, effective and optimized results for your every business need.

Customer experience-centric

With a focus on the end user, and dedicated to the provision of excellent user experiences, we have a strong track record of delivering >90% customer satisfaction.

and Adaptability

Our know-how and expertise allow us to provide our clients with a more creative approach to consulting, focused on IT optimization and out-of-the-box solutions.