Social media and social business technologies are rapidly changing the way businesses engage with employees, suppliers and customers. Enterprises can ask for and receive feedback immediately. Employees can collaborate and communicate no matter where they are. Customers can provide instant feedback on marketing and product offers and businesses can respond accordingly.

Social Business platforms truly put people and the value of human connections at the centre of your organisation and unleash innovation and knowledge-sharing opportunities. When those things happen, innovation and business execution rates increase, better decisions are made and customers and employees are more engaged and satisfied. Social businesses enjoy lower operating costs and are more able to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


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Collaborate with your people and teams in a security-rich social platform designed to simplify and speed-up team work. A unified solution that integrates email, online meetings, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more.   ►

IBM Connections can deliver 168% ROI with payback in less than 1 year.Forrester / February 2017

Customer Case : Sales-Lentz Group.

Utilise collaboration and social networks as levers for development and competitiveness.

In a world that continually generates more non-structural data in the form of videos, audios, RFID data, blogs and tweets, new ways to work and collaborate are needed to maintain a competitive edge. In fact, both business and societal progress are often the results of innovation.

In the transportation industry, as in other industries, travellers, including both employees and partners, are more connected than ever before. This situation generates vast new amounts of data and interactions.

Thanks to its innovative collaborative solutions and knowledgeable partners, IBM helps companies to improve knowledge sharing and create competitive advantages.

Together with these collaborative technologies, PIXELIXIR, an innovative partner, was able to support the Sales-Lentz Group in the implementation of its new platform for social collaboration: IBM Connections.

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A successful adoption of an innovative solution in order to reinvent the Luxembourgish travel business.

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