Companies need to quickly gain control of their content as well as their key processes, streamline customer-facing activities, reduce employee workloads, manage compliance and take efficient decisions. AI Digital Business Solution transforms organizations into digital, data-driven businesses. It simplifies and streamlines processes and content with intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and direct access to valuable enterprise information, no matter where it resides.

AI Digital Business Solution is an integrated platform with automation capabilities that can help business users drive any type of automation project with the right speed and scale. We can automate repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture, and business decisions, with AI integrated features of the flexible solution.


Elaborate your Digital Transformation with AI.

Make operations smarter, from business processes to robotics to intelligent automation.

PIXELIXIR, IBM Platinum Business partner, has been driving intelligent digital automation for his customers since more than 15 years. With an exclusive focus on Business process management, Content management, Capture, Robotic process automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), PIXELIXIR works with the leader in this space to help customer solve their business problems by applying innovative technologies listed below.

PIXELXIR AI Digital Business Solution

The “AI Digital Business Solution” is an integrated platform with automation capabilities that can help business users drive any type of automation project with the right speed and scale. We can automate repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture, and business decisions, with AI integrated features of the flexible solution.

IBM Digital Business Automation

This platform helps you discover, automate and manage business processes and rules to drive digital transformation with speed and at scale.

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IBM Watson AI

This is IBM’s suite of enterprise-ready Artificial InteIligence services, applications, and tooling. It helps unlock the value of data in new ways.

With its vast set of cloud based AI and cognitive services, organizations can gain significant business value and solve complex business problems. Faster computing, richer data, and smarter algorithms have converged to make IBM Watson AI powerful and practical.

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Leverage all of part of the components composing the IBM Digital Business Automation solution .

Thanks to his expertise in the Digital Business Automation developed by IBM as a bundle of dedicated tools for automation, PIXELIXIR will support you in the choice and the deployment of the components required to your environment in order to reach your strategic goals in therme of automation of your digital work environment.

Discover hereafter the proposed elements :

Enables organizations to streamline the capture, recognition, and classification of business documents and to quickly and accurately extract important information from those documents for use by business users and in applications. Automate the capture, recognition and classification of business documents to quickly and accurately extract important information from those documents to accelerate business processes.

IBM Datacap — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — supports the next generation of data capture: the cognitive era. The solution enables you to identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents without manual intervention. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine-learning technologies, like those in IBM Watson.

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Blueworks Live — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — is cloud-based software that gives you a dedicated, collaborative environment to build and improve business processes through process mapping. Business analysts, subject matter experts and any other designated editors or contributors can easily work together through an intuitive web interface, documenting and analyzing processes to make them more efficient. And because it’s in the cloud, there’s nothing to download, it’s accessible anywhere and you have a single location for all business processes to live.

  • Discover and document business processes and decisions using an easy-to-use interface.
  • Add custom attributes to the standard set of properties to document details that are specific to your organization.
  • Create accessed-controlled spaces to collaborate within teams.
  • Automate workflow and checklist style processes currently performed through email.
  • Analyze processes to discover areas for improvement.
  • Use playbacks to step stakeholders through process flows, generating discussion and feedback on the process ….

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Take full advantage of the customer information and company knowledge embedded in their content. IBM Content Foundation and IBM FileNet Content Manager — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — provide organizations with simplified, affordable, enterprise-scale content collaboration, document management, and processing capabilities to meet today’s mobile, social, and cloud digital transformation demands.

Users become more empowered and smarter in their decision making with secure, 360-degree access to content: any type, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Users’ requirements change as they engage with content. In addition to out of the box capabilities, ICF’s intuitive, web-based application development framework makes custom-built solutions for mobile, desktop, web, and the cloud possible your way: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

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Automate workflows to present the relevant information for cases in context of content-related processes. IBM Business Automation Workflow — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — is a platform to create workflow applications to improve productivity. The solution combines business process management and case management to unite information, process, and people to provide a 360-degree view of work. In addition to process management and case management, IBM Business Automation Workflow uses advanced analytics, business rules, and collaboration to drive more successful, optimized business outcomes.

IBM Business Automation Workflow is part of the IBM Digital Business Automation platform, which includes various product offerings that you can use to digitize all aspects of business operations, while providing real-time insight into your business. IBM Digital Business Automation is a flexible automation platform that automates repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions.

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Case management enables decision makers to assemble, analyze, act on and archive content for improved business outcomes. It makes it possible to gain value from the wealth of information in documents, data, video, audio and social media. Case management solutions from IBM can help your organization make content processes consistent across business divisions and give decision makers the control and insight they need to resolve cases more effectively. This helps verify access to vital information that leads to better-informed decisions.

Optimizes case outcomes using information, processes and people. IBM Case Manager — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — is a solution platform for all content-related work. The challenges of digitalization require that business processes are mapped to be automated, flexible and system-supported. Modifications should be implemented in a timely manner. The integration into existing environments should occur as easily as possible.

IBM Case Manager is the suitable platform and simplifies the implementation of both functional and technical requirements.It helps people achieve better business outcomes by delivering the right content at the right time in order to make the right decision.

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IBM Content Navigator — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — enhances your business processes, improves productivity and increases customer engagement by transforming how content is accessed, delivered and presented. Content Navigator uses a powerful, easy-to-use interface that delivers trusted data quickly, no matter where the content is located or what type of data source. Content Navigator enables secure, easy-to-integrate, custom applications development and delivers a consistent experience on any device. Role-based redaction protects sensitive data while Teamspaces enable focused collaboration with powerful team and project site content capabilities.

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This component can help you improve the efficiency of your processes and the competitiveness of your customer experiences. The solution provides workflow management, real-time decision making and data capture capabilities. Automate more types of work to go beyond high-volume, repetitive tasks with real-time RPA analytics on digital workforce performance and effectiveness.

IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere — part of the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business — augments its traditional RPA capabilities with extra automation. Use it to address your immediate task-automation needs and then layer on its additional capabilities to make your RPA bots smarter and even more agile. Your bots will be able to orchestrate workflows, integrate with your business rules and decisions, manage your content, and capture data — all to more efficiently and effectively help you achieve existing business objectives and reimagine newer and even more scalable and innovative one.

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IBM Operational Decision Manager is a comprehensive decision-automation solution within Digital Business Automation. It provides extensive decision-automation capabilities that help you discover, capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions. It’s designed for IT and business users. The solution can authorize a loan, decide on promotional offers or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization. With IBM Operational Decision Manager, you can keep your applications updated and aligned with changing business objectives. It’s available for public and private cloud environments.

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Premium services delivered by certified experts.

Learn about services that can help you drive your business automation projects supported by AI.

PIXELIXIR AI Digital Business Solution increases productivity and unlocks operational efficiency and consistency across every business department of your organization.

PIXELIXIR delivers business value with an end-to-end team of specialists.

We help business people drive virtually all types of automation projects at speed and scale. Our unique methodologies and dedicated knowledge developed from our years of experience expedite time-to-value for digital automation initiatives, giving clients the agility needed to support continuous innovation.

PIXELIXIR solution approach starts from an understanding and articulation of the overall digital business problem. We then bring expertise across multiple disciplines to design the right digital automation approach for your company and your strategic goals. We determine which tools are best for your organization’s needs and type of work being done. With this best fit approach your business will get the most productive results possible.

Thanks to PIXELIXIR experts services create a fast, cognitive business-driven transformation using proven and robust digital business automation platform with the capability to grow and add multiple pieces as needed.

PIXELIXIR AI Digital Business Solution brings the ability to streamline processes, infuse artificial intelligence and predictive insight to automate decisions, and efficiently organize vast amounts of content which are crucial for enabling digital innovation.

Solution’s functions.

Learn about some services features and functions integrated in PIXELIXIR AI Digital Business Solution.

PIXELIXIR AI Digital Business solution is intended to provide you access to experts whatever you are looking to implement such automation solutions or you are lacking the experience or depth of knowledge necessary to meet the business needs of your organization:

Advisory Services

Unique Analysis Methodology

Proven Workshops & Trainings

Expert Implementation Team

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Set of Predefined Reports

Administration of DBA Environments

Governance Administration & Management

Competitive advantage.

Leveraging IBM Digital Business Automation together with Watson AI and PIXELIXIR’s incredible team of certified specialists can take your productivity to a whole new level.

PIXELIXIR expert services are designed with the flexibility you need to stabilize, enable, and grow your new and ongoing Digital Business Automation initiatives. As no one other, we bridges today’s applications, data and cognitive solution to modern digital-first technologies.

PIXELIXIR Digital Business Solution is your key to flawless delivery for digital business automation across all departments of your company, in line with their daily processes.

Some references.

In below references we have selected a few of the projects we have done throughout this years, serving different clients in several industries.

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