Collaboration and social networks as levers for development and competitiveness at Sales-Lentz Group.

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Sales-Lentz Group leaders are working to optimize their biggest resources, their employees and those who manage them. To this end and in order to reinvent their business, they have made the innovative choice to implement a corporate social network.

Goals and Objectives

The travel and transport sectors of this group, as with many organizations, must constantly face new economic models and respond and adapt to an on-demand economy. In order to provide an effective answer to this economic challenge in a world where innovation goes hand-in-hand with technology, two companies of the Sales-Lentz Group, We Love to Travel & Travel Pro American Express, have placed even greater emphasis on the value and participation of their employees by opting for an IBM Social Business solution : Connections.

With a history spanning 60 years, Sales-Lentz Group is a story of wheels, journeys and buses along with work, effort and commitment. 

Sales-Lentz group is one of the major players in public transportation as well in the travel industry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Grand Region. 

The group gather together several companies and brands linked to a specific mission: Moving people (Urban Mobility), We love to travel (Travel Agencies), Travel Pro AMEX (Business Travel) and Voyages Léonard (Coach Travel).

Project Constraints and Challenges

The main challenge of this implementation of an innovative social business solution wasn’t so much technical as human. Thanks to the team of PIXELIXIR certified specialists, the technical installation of IBM Connections as an on-premises configuration was successfully completed without any heavy issues.

However, as we know from experience, in this kind of project where the work habits are completely turned upside down, the crucial point is to drive an effective change management programme in order to collect the consent of all the workforce, from employees through to managers. In order to do this, PIXELIXIR organized a well-defined methodology of change management with dedicated guidance, training and practical support.

It resulted in the total adhesion of the employees and their management and an effective recognition of the improvement in the daily work at We Love to Travel and Travel Pro AMEX companies.

Benefits for “We Love to travel”

We Love to Travel is today the only group of travel agencies to have integrated the social networks using the solution of IBM both internally externally across the usual social network platforms.

The IBM solution enabled the company to set up an interactive information platform for employees. Thus, it became possible to distribute easily and instantly all information and notes, archiving other instructions which could thereafter be accessed with ease by searching for keywords. This took the pressure off the mail servers.

Finally, the interactivity of the IBM solution was considered as a major asset of the system. Each employee can now effectively comment or complete an information tab and the whole community immediately gain from the benefits of this fast and transparent collaborative system.

Thanks to this IBM platform and the services delivered by PIXELIXIR, research, interaction and follow-up have been improved across all levels.

Benefits for “Travel Pro AMEX”

For Travel Pro American Express, innovation was created via SLaSH – the code name of this social business project (Sales Lentz a Super Hero), a product designed by PIXELIXIR and based on IBM Connections, which has enabled this company to optimize their internal and external relationships.

We can confidently talk today about the optimization of services in the business travel industry thanks to the many innovative technologies brought into play:

• Exclusive optimization tools
• Economic booking portal
• Better management of the travel policies and tariffs
• Greater choice of partners and suppliers
• Automated expense management
• Digitalization of documents
• Accommodation solutions
• Safety and security through traceability of customers

Results & Benefits

In any company, innovation is not a destination in itself, it is a path that you have to follow every day. In the current case, innovation goes hand-in-hand with engagement. The project completely revolutionized the way that these companies collaborate by reinforcing the role of each employee and by improving the service to both the customers and partners.

Thanks to the effective support of PIXELIXIR, this IBM innovative collaboration platform now allows us to increase the loyalty of our customers and equip our employees with an innovative engaging tool.G. P., Executive Director / Travel Pro American Express

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