Discover a single, integrated destination for employee engagement, communications and collaboration.

Thibault Anderlin Social Business

As dynamic digital workplace for engagement and collaboration into IBM Connections, IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC) provides an easy way to build a social intranet by creating a portal-like experience using various out-of-the-box and custom widgets.

Engagement is essential for attaining major organizational goals and for achieving the thousands of daily successes that add up to positive business outcomes for your company. Working in teams is becoming the norm in many organizations, and building and supporting teams is important for ongoing success. Finding the right solution to help your company benefit from teaming is equally important. With a single point of truth for the entire company employees don’t have to spend time and energy moving among platforms to communicate and collaborate.

IBM Connections Engagement Center is a single, accessible hub for organizational news and content within IBM Connections, enabling users to create and manage web content efficiently. People get engaged with finding, creating, owning, and promoting content to improve intranet communication. All content can be found in one place. Communication and collaboration are on the same page or one click away. Connections Engagement Center makes it simple and easy for users to create content; there’s no need for multiple systems to create and publish content.

IBM Connections Engagement Center extends inside, outside and across organizational boundaries to help improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and retention.

IBM Connections Engagement Center brings a sum of collaboration benefits by …

  • All employees have a crucial reason to visit IBM Connections to access the integrated Internal Communications.
  • Newbies benefit from structured content.
  • Newbies discover content faster – even if they do not yet follow other employees or communities.
  • Many employees can be involved in maintaining landing pages for business units, service units, locations and projects. Those employees will be strong Connections power users and promoters.
  • Internal Communications is made social, i.e. its content can be liked and commented.
  • Content publishing, liking and commenting is integrated into the activity stream and will be noticed by peers.
  • Responsibility can be effectively delegated to line of business.
  • Content masters can not only create and publish content but curate content too (i.e. publish blog entries from employees on landing pages / homepage).
  • Avoid content fragmentation, overlap, redundancy, inconsistency and governance problems.
  • Eliminate the dichotomy between top-down communication and peer-to-peer collaboration and create a truly integrated Social Intranet.
  • Everything is in one place, employees do not need to choose where to browse and search content.
  • Communication and Collaboration are either on the same page or available within one click.
  • High degree of personalization (Region, Location, Department, Branch etc.).
  • Excellent Mobile Experience (integrated in Android and iOS Apps and responsive layout).
  • Creating content is really easy, no technical training required (i.e. management compatible).
  • Everything is in one place: authors do not need to choose between two systems to publish their content.
  • No search integration required (all content is within one index.
  • Read Access Management is given thru Communities, no project required.
  • Single Sign On for CMS & Connections is given.
  • Activity Stream and UI Integration are given, no project required.
  • Personalization is really easy, no technical project required.
  • Selection.
  • Purchase.
  • Implementation.
  • Integration.
  • Training.
  • Running.
  • Another Web CMS or Intranet platform besides IBM Connections.
  • With the IBM Connections Engagement Center Intranet projects shift focus within hours from technology to content.
  • Implementation is done in less then 20 minutes.
  • CI adoption is very fast.
  • Content, navigation and pages can be created fast.
  • Intuitive page design with drag & drop of widgets.
  • Fast integration of external content (Atom / RSS Feeds, iFrame, Web Clipping).
  • Custom widgets.

How can you use concretely IBM Connections Engagement Center?

Help increase engagement with experiences and content tailored for individual roles, business units and locations

Senior managers

The top management knows that to be effective, their communications can’t look and feel like anonymous corporate announcements. Connections Engagement Center gives them the customization capabilities they need to get attention and communicate directly with authenticity.

Office staff and managers

They spend too much time and energy switching among platforms and sites to find the tools and capabilities they need. They benefit from the one-stop ease of integrated collaboration, content and apps enabled by Connections Engagement Center.

Internal communication teams

Internal communications specialists work to increase awareness of the company’s internal capabilities and boost participation in programs and events. With Connections Engagement Center, they can effectively delegate content creation and maintenance to LOB contacts, curate content, and better listen to and engage employees.

Community and department managers

They want to create compelling landing pages that will keep employees up to date on the latest news from both inside and outside of the organization. With Connections Engagement Center, they can easily build, refresh and maintain pages for business divisions, service units and communities.

Knowledge workers

Knowledge workers often have the most to gain from enhanced collaboration and knowledgesharing, as well as the ability to find the right experts within the company at the right time. They benefit from increased company-wide participation in content creation and collaboration generated by Connections Engagement Center, and greater attention through curation of content.

Deskless workers

They need access to the intranet without cumbersome authentication procedures. They benefit from the automated authentication in Connections for accessing information services, drag-and-drop customization and integrated content. They can quickly retrieve intranet content from a kiosk without authentication. Remote support is also a plus.

This is your new model for employee engagement. Everything they need, all in one place. Break down barriers to employee engagement with the personalized interface and simple content creation of IBM Connections Engagement Center. This IBM social business solution enables your organization to rise to the challenge!

The ultimate digital workplace that provides you all the tools and information you need within the context of your work.