Engage customers, employees and partner by delivering personalized and collaborative digital experiences.

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In today’s always-connected world, your customers, employees and partners demand 24/7 access to your company – and they want it presented in a way that’s engaging, personalized and relevant.

A digital experience is critical to engaging with your customers, employees, partners, and others. Optimized digital experiences make use of modern innovations including portals, web content management, social, and video to enable better business outcomes and seamless customer journeys. The exceptional digital experiences and marketing optimization solution from IBM help clients deliver rich, engaging and personalized web experiences through multiple channels. The IBM Digital Experience is a platform that is used to build powerful contextual websites. The strengths of the platform include the ability to mix applications and web content into a coherent user experience.

IBM Digital Experience solutions empower users with instant access to the information they need — when they need it. Accessibility is based on the user profile and is supported by all device types. The core IBM Digital Experience solution offerings include the following:

IBM Employee Experience Suite

IBM Employee Experience Suite provides a broad and deep toolset for enabling socially infused web experiences for employees of medium and large enterprises. These solutions help drive innovation and collaboration by empowering employees with the ability to easily find and share relevant information across multiple platforms and diverse geographies and within the context of integrated business applications.

IBM Customer Experience Suite

IBM Customer Experience Suite helps organizations deliver to their customers a consistently engaging, personalized, and relevant digital experience across multiple channels and touch points. It provides rich, integrated capabilities for managing web content, real-time social communications, robust customer and commerce self-service capabilities, business analytics, and mobile device delivery.

IBM Digital Experience Manager

IBM Digital Experience Manager helps organizations to deliver consistent, personalized, engaging, and interactive experiences across a range of channels and devices. Organizations can take advantage of flexible, responsive design capabilities that help ensure a consistent experience across web, mobile web, and hybrid mobile and web applications. It enables business users to create innovative digital experiences and reduce IT costs and reliance.

IBM Watson Content Hub

IBM Watson Content Hub allows you to content-enable applications, from mobile apps to single-page applications, billboards, embedded devices and more. Rich application programming interfaces (APIs) let developers place content wherever it is needed, and the zero-configuration, embedded content delivery network (CDN) ensures high performance and global scale.

IBM Digital Experiences Software will help you Delight your customers, engage them as individuals and build durable relationships.

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