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Discover smart data analysis and visualization service on the cloud that helps just about anyone quickly discover patterns and meanings in their data – all on their own. Thanks to Watson Analytics, instantly access and use powerful predictive and visual tools to find answers and insights in your data without time consuming set-up or training.

IBM Watson Analytics strives to be much more than a kind of advanced reporting product. IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud application that concretely bring sophisticated data discovery and predictive analytics to a business user. The results are displayed in automatic visualisations that can easily be integrated in dashboards. Plus, these elements can be generated very easily without complex hands-on neither specialized knowledge.

Because that’s the true challenge of today. Data analytics can be too slow, too confusing, too jargon-y … Whatever makes it too difficult for your team, Watson has an understandable solution. In fact, by using natural language, a structured query is not necessary to find relationships and patterns in the data. When uploading data, IBM Watson Analytics will analyse the data and automatically propose a number of relevant questions that can be asked. Own questions can be asked as well, using natural language. Ask a question in plain English and you’ll get an answer in the same. It’s fast, simple and easily accessible.
IBM Watson Analytics has the potential to replace many data science roles due to its simplicity.

Watson Analytics will answer theses question almost immediately showing the best visualization to support the data. Dashboards and infographics can tell compelling stories and can be easily built using a drag and drop interface. Dashboards can be shared with other users, or be downloaded in Microsoft PowerPoint or Acrobat Reader format. Data refinement allows to add secure data sources and join data of multiple sources. It offers broader data source support and allows to access any major data source whether in the cloud or on premise.

The software enables one to interpret data, understand why patterns and trends occur, and develop key takeaways that explain the data and contribute to predictive analytics features; including smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities.

The solution includes a lot of features. We will focus on the following four features which make this business solution appealing for users who have never before been able to make predictions from data:

Watson Analytics guides analysis with automated data visualization and discovery so you can uncover insights on your own.

Data Source

To start making predictions, users must first give Watson data. This is done through either dragging and dropping a data set in a spreadsheet or by making a selection from a third-party source. A quick filter helps sort data sources as they’re loaded into Watson. A few clicks makes sure all your data points are in synch, whether you’re discovering or building dashboards.


Watson automatically asks questions about the loaded data while offering charts to answer those questions. So, users have a starting point to ask their own questions and observe how Watson visualizes the data. Watson then suggests additional ways to visualize the data and draw comparisons. They can then be saved and pinned for later analysis.


A diagram gives predictive strengths and visualizations that are populated based on the user’s targets. Decision trees help guide the user through wins and losses for future actions. A data quality report also scores the information to show the data’s quality by field and outliers. This information can be saved and pinned for later analysis as well.


Watson gives users the ability to organize data that’s been loaded and saved with default layouts. By organizing the data this way, users can create dashboards and infographics. Within this view, users can drag and drop any visualizations they’ve saved from before. Users can also create their own templates for presenting the data any way they like.

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Watson Analytics allows for companies to interact conversationally with their data in an innovative way, increasing efficiency, precision, and effectiveness to drive success.