Introducing NEW IBM Connections Engagement Suite

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The extra value IBM Connections bundle that provides a complete employee engagement platform including intranet, extranet, and real time collaboration agility.

IBM Connections Engagement Suite brings together, in one bundle, an integrated set of applications to help your organization be most effective and perform at peak productivity by keeping employees engaged and agile.

More precisely, it features an integrated collaboration toolset designed for:

• Increasing employee engagement with a digital workplace hub personalized for each employee;
• Connecting and collaborating with colleagues to share knowledge, improve decision-making;
• Creating and editing documents collaboratively with teammates.

Help increase engagement in your organization with experiences and content tailored for individual roles, business units and locations, with the New IBM Connections Engagement Suite.L. D. R., Managing Partner / PIXELIXIR
Connections Engagement Suite includes the following offerings:

IBM Connections Engagement Center

Create a personalized digital workplace hub.

IBM Connections

Connect and collaborate inside and outside of the organization.

IBM Connections Docs

Create and collaboratively edit documents.

Connections Engagement Center (previously known as XCC) offers a digital workplace hub that enables confident decisions by providing easy access to content and resources, such as corporate news, relevant content, links to important resources, files, and events, that are tailored to each individual’s role or location. Connections Engagement Center is integrated with and built on the social collaboration capabilities of Connections. Connections Engagement Center can be used to create landing pages that assemble content from Connections and elsewhere in a simplified, web-like user experience. With a familiar interface and no steep learning curve to hamper their use, employees can quickly find what they need, act on that information, communicate with upper-level management, and help their team build forward momentum.

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Connections empowers business professionals to be more innovative and productive by helping them quickly identify and build networks of subject matter experts and collaborate with them. Connections facilitates the creation of vibrant communities of employees, suppliers, and customers where creative ideas can be exchanged to help inspire innovation and foster increased business growth. In addition, Connections provides full-featured native mobile applications supporting a broad range of mobile devices and operating platforms, giving users access to the trusted expertise of their network anywhere, anytime.

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Connections Docs is a suite of socially enabled office productivity tools. Docs helps organizations empower users to create, co-edit, share, and collaborate more efficiently on spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents. Key collaborative services, such as co-editing, file management, and contextual commenting, are built into the editing process, reducing the review and rework cycles commonly associated with creating team-based business documents. Connections Docs improves productivity and the quality of the assets produced by reducing or eliminating the many copies and emails that can frequently hinder the document editing process.

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