IBM Watson Assistant, more than a Chatbot !

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IBM Watson Assistant is a cognitive platform based on a cloud service that allows enterprise-level software developers to embed an artificial intelligence virtual assistant in the applications they are developing and brand the assistant as their own. The service, which gives consumers access to Watson AI , is delivered through the IBM Cloud.

Most chatbots try to mimic human interactions, which can frustrate users when a misunderstanding arises. Watson Assistant is more. It knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity, and when to direct you to a human. Watson can create cognitive profiles for each end user’s behaviors and preferences and initiate conversations to make recommendations. IBM Watson Assistant gives businesses more control over the information that flows through a virtual assistant than Alexa for Business or Google Assistant.

Watson Assistant named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing.

Product highlights.

Anyone can build an assistant.

Watson Assistant comes pre-trained with industry-relevant content. It can make sense of your historical chat or call logs, and it has a visual dialog editor — meaning it’s never been easier to get started (developers not required).

Powered by AI.

Industry-leading AI powers the underlying natural language models that understand your users and provides training recommendations as you build and run your assistant.

Reach your users wherever they are.

You have the flexibility to deploy Watson Assistant on your site, in a mobile app, on the phone, in messaging channels, and to customer service tools. It supports 13 languages, so you can communicate more effectively and extend your global reach.

Secure and trusted.

You maintain control and ownership of your data and IP. Watson Assistant can live in an isolated cloud environment or on-premises, allowing you to build and scale across your business with a trusted, secure partner.

IBM Watson Assistant handles any questions – simple or complex.

An assistant routes your end-users’ problems to skills, which then provides the appropriate response. Some skills provide direct responses to common questions, while others provide search results for complex inquiries

Skill ...

that lets you centralize your assistant by crawling any of your existing, public facing web content and searching against it when your assistant doesn’t have a concrete response from the Dialog Skill.

Versions ...

that let you manage updates to your assistant’s training in one centralized place without having to deal with separate copies.

Service desk integrations ...

to allow you to connect human agent, with the full context of what happened prior to the escalation.

Intent Recommendations ...

that scans your existing chat or call logs to help you decide which topics your assistant should handle explicitly.

Disambiguation ...

that provides a more flexible assistant experience by automatically clarifying the nature of a vague question from an end-user before sending him/her down a path.

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IBM Watson Assistant is marketed as a solution for companies of any size looking to build their own voice or touch-activated virtual assistant. IBM has partnered with BMW and Harman Kardon to incorporate Watson Assistant into the auto manufacturers’ models. Watson Assistant allows drivers to ask their cars questions like: “Do I have enough gas to make it to work without stopping?” and get an answer based on real-time user data.

Watson Assistant can also act like an in-suite hotel concierge, providing suggestions and information about the local area as well as responding to individual questions. Upon request, Watson Assistant can connect to a hotel thermostat and change the room’s temperature or be programmed to ask guests if they would like to turn lights off or close the drapes at a pre-identified time.

“IBM’s approach of adding artificial intelligence to everything will open up the use cases to a broad range of products and services, including unified communications and collaboration.”Juan Manuel González, Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Learn how Watson Assistant interacts and understands your questions in this banking demo. In this demonstration, you’re engaging with a banking virtual assistant. The assistant simulates a few scenarios:

  • Making a credit card payment : Utilize buttons and other response types, like photos or bank balances, to help expedite the credit card payment process.
  • Booking an appointment with a bankerProvide the required information to schedule an appointment in a flexible, conversational manner.
  • Choosing a credit cardDescribe your ideal credit card and receive a recommendation tailored to your preferences.

Watson can understand your entries and respond accordingly.

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