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Only IBM Watson Commerce combines more than 20 years of expertise, innovation, reliability and security with artificial intelligence to help you engage customers as individuals in the moment and deliver the flawless omnichannel experiences they expect.

Watson Commerce delivers a modern, cloud ready, extensible architecture powering more innovation with less time spent. And only IBM combines the trusted scale, security and performance you expect from IBM, with the speed and flexibility of a modern cloud ready, extensible commerce architecture.

Watson Commerce delivers 20 years of unmatched, omni-channel innovation – that’s been co-created with the customer and partner ecosystem. And more than checking boxes, only IBM Watson Commerce’s offers completeness and depth of capability, for gaining maximum impact from every customer interaction.

Watson Commerce delivers unfair competitive advantages with Watson embedded in the engine and augmenting your team with smart insights and recommendations. IBM has trained its AI to identify high-propensity audiences, personalize content, sequence products, detect struggle …


IBM Watson Commerce smoothly leverages embedded AI to solve pressing business challenges and to ensure issues are resolved quickly, before they become bigger problems. With Watson augmenting your commerce team’s skills, you’ll have an unfair advantage in the battle for market share.

Cognitive Tagging streamlines content management

Content tagging is a laborious process. Watson saves you time by automatically applying tens of thousands of predefined image tags to your content. When you combine that with simplified access and sharing through a consolidated, easy-to-use repository you can save even more time while improving consistency, by integrating content into the marketing and commerce tools, making content universal.

Intelligent Pricing ensures you’re not losing on price

By applying artificial intelligence to pricing you can reprice in real-time to meet the demands of the fast-moving retail environment. Using science and AI capabilities to fine tune pricing strategies, you can bring together online and instore pricing, store data and insights to coordinate crossbrand pricing for the maximum impact to your revenue. You also empower and free business users to focus on critical pricing activities by automating the mundane processes.

Struggle Detection identifies opportunities to unlock revenue

Intelligent journey analysis helps you identify and fix pain points in the customer experience fast with proactive alerts from Watson that highlight where and why customers are having problems so you can fix them before they impact conversion, revenue and other key metrics.

Fulfillment Optimization reduces omnichannel shipping costs

Order optimization helps you make better sourcing decisions and deliver on your order promise in the most cost-effective way possible. By understanding and acting upon changes in the market as they occur, retailers can perfectly balance between protecting margins, utilizing store capacity, and meeting customer delivery expectations.

IBM has been ahead of other vendors in its focus on machine learning and AI.“Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce”, 24.04.2017

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Intelligent Sequencing highlight opportunities early, with data driven insight

Watson helps you quickly track and respond to anomalies in key performance indicators. For example, Watson will recommend product sequencing to site merchandisers based on inventory positions to optimize for profitability.

Insights Assistant helps you drive more successful campaigns

You want to maximize the yield on marketing spend. To do so, you want to run more campaigns, each gaining higher yields. But, marketing talent is hard to find, and your budget dollars do not grow on trees. Watson can be your cognitive personal assistant. It understands your campaigns and their goals. It has context for your business, your products, your customers. It works with your marketing leaders to analyze campaigns, diagnose remedies, and improve performance. It allows your marketing professionals to focus on campaigns, not lower level marketing tasks.

Audience Insights gives you the ability to understand your customers better

Understanding audiences is the key to marketing to them. Making segmentation more science and less art, has always been a means for increasing revenue, while improving customer satisfaction. Watson turns the art of segment creation and management into science. Watson creates segments, understands demand drivers, and can predict migration. Watson understands the complex correlations of customer attributes and how they power customer lifetime value, customer acquisition, customer retention, and social sentiment.

Predictive Journey Path provides the analysis to get ahead of your customers’ needs

Predicting how, where and what your customers will do next as part of their buying process will position your brand as a trusted source for the best products, services and support. Watson helps segment the journeys that drive results, and provides marketers with a lever to proactively engage with customers who are on that journey, with offers and content, to accelerate or increase odds of a purchase being considered. More important, it allows marketers to establish a baseline of behavior that can easily help quantify the changes that are being introduced into any given marketing campaign or strategy.

Now, it’s easier than ever to superpower your commerce with Watson artificial intelligence (AI) across the entire customer journey. With AI, ensure every customer interaction and transaction is optimized for desired business results. Watson is your secret weapon to level the playing field and take back market share.

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