A smarter marketing platform, powered by Watson Augmented Intelligence.

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Learn how Watson Marketing solutions powered by an AI marketing platform can enable brands to drive customer loyalty and work smarter.

Today’s marketers are faced with a new set of concerns : too much data to make sense of, soaring customer expectations and a lack of trust in brands. Thus, today’s marketers have to be more innovative, skilled and strategic than ever.

They must not only do marketing, but both do marketing and run marketing by becoming highly analytical. Which means not only plan, measure and proactively manage their marketing investments to ensure they are hitting their revenue target year on year, but before all understanding their customers thanks to prescriptive customer analytics and insights in order to drive continuous engagement.

Engage and understand your customers at scale, wherever they are.

Watson Marketing is the only marketing platform of its kind that uses cognitive technologies to help businesses build more profitable, loyal and meaningful relationships with their customers. Marketers can use the power of Watson technology not just to manage customer journeys, grow brand value and increase ROI, but to create unique insights around the emotions and behaviors of their customers. And also to deliver the experiences the customers expect thanks to smart analytics.

Make sense of all the customers generated data.

Understand campaign performance and customer struggle.

Connect all customer interaction points to uncover opportunities.

Get predictive recommendations to ultimately increase conversions.

AI-powered solutions can help you understand, improve and optimize the full customer journey better than ever thanks to unique AI-key features :

Struggle Detection

Pinpoint struggle that costs you conversions.

Engagement Analytics

Drive retention by getting alerted when valuable customers are at risk.

Journey Analysis

See what your customers are doing at every stage of their journey.

Audience Segmentation

Get target audience recommendations for every message.

The dedicated solutions IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics and IBM Tealeaf helps you make smarter, faster marketing and customer experience decisions based on insights into customers across digital touchpoints and channels. 

Make AI your competitive advantage.

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics provides you with the ability to visualize the entire customer journey, and to understand how activity in one channel, impacts conversion in another, so you can identify both obstacles and opportunities to increase revenue and loyalty. This offering makes it easier for you to quickly act on data across channels, to help target key segments and drive conversion.

Ai Struggle Analytics.

Mindset Analytics.

Journey Analytics.

Session Replay.

Create a differentiated AI-powered customer experience impactful enough to capture market share.

Make customer experience your competitive advantage.

The IBM Tealeaf CX platform is a Customer Experience Management solution that captures your customers’ website interactions, giving you unprecedented visibility into their online experience, and the ability to optimize your digital channel of sales. Offering valuable insight into your customers’ behavior, it allows you to track metrics, identify any issues, and make calculated improvements to your web platform.

Replay every session with full traffic capture.

Make a better mobile experience.

Consult your AI-powered Watson Assistant.

Surface opportunities and issues with AI Anomaly Detection.

AI-powered behavioral analytics help you create a digital world customers can’t wait to come back to.

IBM Watson Marketing AI-powered capabilities provide valuable insights and recommend actions that help marketers increase conversions and boost customer loyalty.

Take benefits of qualitative and quantitative AI-powered marketing analytics solutions to capture the rich set of data on all visitors to your channels through website, mobile, social media sites …

These IBM solutions increase your ROI, reduce your cost, improve your top-line revenue, provide valuable insight, but above all increase your customer retention and improve your customer satisfaction and his trust in your brand. Adopt it now !

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