Engaging, converting, and retaining customers in today’s digital era is fraught with challenges. With changing consumer habits, declining customer loyalty, and new market incomers, it’s never been harder to forge meaningful relationships with consumers.

Thankfully, technology is enabling brands to deliver differentiated experiences that make an impact on the bottom line as well in B2C and B2B models. With advanced e-commerce solutions delivering a broad range of capabilities to craft memorable shopping experiences and analyse consumer behaviours in detail, enterprises are armed with tools and insights in order to make better, more informed decisions and create personalized experiences at every stage of the customer journey.


Online buying destinations.

Create beautiful online stores and strategically-led shopping experiences with …

Cognitive Commerce

Deliver the right customer experience at the right time with solutions for omni-channel commerce, order management and fulfilment, customer insights and digital experience.   ►

Engage customers as individuals

Better understand customer preferences, behaviours and market influences with solutions for personalized marketing, digital experience and customer insights.   ►

The most customizable eCommerce platform

Respective plug-ins of well-known open source CMS systems deliver complete omni-channel commerce experiences along with a high degree of customization.   ►

Opportunities for growth

Make sure users engage with web and mobile content by recording visitors’ behaviour and gathering qualitative data in order to identify the hottest areas for improvement.   ►

Complete Commerce Services Offering. 

Your own guide and advisor with regard to online business. 

At PIXELIXIR, we provide companies with the capability to enhance their online business, fine-tune their customer experience, understand the performance of their e-commerce site and optimise total potential. Our team of certified professionals unlock the path to success by supporting each project from the very first steps through to the intense design, development and optimization periods, all the way to wherever their e-commerce initiatives reach. As every business is unique, we align business objectives and systems with technology solutions. Our solutions are packed with features allowing you to get your products online quickly and designed to help shoppers find their way easily. Using the latest HTML5 tools and a responsive design approach, you’ll gain both mobile and social commerce functions.

E-commerce Strategy

Strengthening your e-commerce strategy and team.


Merging innovative design, content and conversion.


Maximising e-commerce development platforms to achieve full potential.


Continually improving and developing.

Our engagements always start by understanding the commercial goals behind your project.J.-D. Q., Managing Partner / PIXELIXIR

Commerce Areas.

Personalized commerce experience within every channel and across all touch points.

From fully integrated new online stores, to flexible multichannel systems, the proposed solutions will launch, facilitate and accelerate the e-commerce strategy.

B2C Commerce

Utilising tech platforms strengths and functionality to deliver the best solutions for consumers.

B2B Commerce

Developing dedicated features to perfectly match with business processes and serve customers.


Coordinating all channels and customer touch points to work together seamlessly.


Connecting e-commerce site with vital third-party systems and service providers.

Commerce Showcase.

Discover some of our customers’ eCommerce sites, all built by us.

  • DreamBaby

    Ecommerce B2C / IBM Watson Commerce   ►

  • DreamLand

    Ecommerce B2C / IBM Watson Commerce   ►

  • Van Marcke

    Ecommerce B2B / IBM Watson Commerce   ►

  • Bidfood

    Ecommerce B2B / On-demand Commerce   ►

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